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By Rosalie Millard-Evans BSc. MSc. Ch.Psychol Horses probably aren’t the first thing you think of for leadership development but the approach is proving to be game changing for leaders and the business they work in. When participants tell you that their experience with horses has been ‘Profound’, ‘life-changing’ and ‘transformational’ it’s time to dig a […]

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By Lindsay Corrigan BSc. MSc. Ch.Psychol Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is a holistic approach, impacting cognitions, emotions and behaviour. The field of neuroscience has since the 1990s, detailed evidence of the complex neural feedback loops highlighting the partnerships between cognitive process and the processes labelled ‘emotional experiences’ – supporting our own theoretical position of the […]

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By Rosalie Millard-Evans BSc. MSc. Ch.Psychol For many years, organisations have spent time, money and resources on improving the leadership capability in their organisations through leadership training. However, according to a Mckinsey & Company survey, adults typically retain just 10% of what they hear in classrooms.  Cramming all the key learnings into one lengthy training makes logistical sense, […]

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Aydin is the Leadchange representative in Istanbul, covering Turkey and that region.

He has a strong corporate background, his last position having been General Manager of Diageo in Turkey where he was 14 years, as well as previous lead roles in sales and human resources, including Gillette.

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