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“Time spent with horses opened up a level of honesty and insight in myself that I did not expect and this helped me have more constructive and empathic conversations with key people in my life”

Jo Macsween, Vistage Group Chair Central Scotland | Former MD Macsween Haggis

Buy Herbal Valium, Buy Diazepam In Bulk

We work 1:1 to deliver focused individual development. These sessions are completely person-centric, underpinned by a number of coaching, psychology, NLP and neuroscience models. This enables us to work deeply on individual challenges.

How it works

We select our coaches for the difference they make – for their ability to bring real change to individuals, teams and organisations. Our coaches challenge and support – removing excuses, creating personal responsibility, and increasing self-belief. They get to the core of issues, addressing beliefs, values and thinking patterns to creating lasting change.


We combine equine and executive coaching, working with clients over a period of time to ensure the moments of insight translate to sustained behaviour change.


  • Developing awareness: Holding up a mirror to how you show up
  • Developing presence: Working with purpose and powerful intention
  • Building confidence: finding your core stability
  • Interpersonal: building connections: creating trust and maintaining boundaries
  • Thinking patterns: risk appetite, creativity, decisiveness, time frames

Example programmes:

  • Executive coaching
  • Personal authenticity
  • Making transitions
  • Emotional agility
  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Managing relationships
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