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Valium Online Norge, Buy Real Diazepam Online

Valium Online Norge, Buy Real Diazepam Online

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November 2019

Equine Facilitated Learning Foundation Programme – 3 Day

November 11 - November 13
South East England Venue TBC

THE EXPERIENCE              LeadChange, and it’s charity partner HorseHeard bring this three-day Equine Facilitated Learning Foundation programme which equips participants with the knowledge and practical skills that underpin the delivery of equine-facilitated learning programmes. The course is highly experiential – blending classroom learning and hands-on sessions with horses. It is suitable for those that want to explore the foundations of equine facilitated learning or further their practise as a coach. It provides a grounding both for those working in the charitable and business…

Buying Valium On The Street

Introduction to Equine Facilitated Learning – 1 Day

November 11 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
South East England Venue TBC

THE EXPERIENCE              LeadChange, and it’s charity partner HorseHeard bring this one-day introduction to equine facilitated learning which provides participants with an overview of the theory, practise and commercial aspects of this powerful approach to personal development.  It is suitable for coaches, consultants and practitioners who want to explore integrating working with horses to their practise, or further their skills as a coach/facilitator. The course is highly experiential – blending classroom learning and hands-on sessions with horses. £350 plus VAT per person…

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