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Buy Diazepam Online Review - Valium Online Sverige

Horses are adept at picking up and responding to human intention and non-verbal communication. They sense and respond to subtle cues in our behaviour and therefore provide instant, honest and accurate feedback in the moment – creating experiences which get to the core of issues quickly, powerfully and effectively.

EFL is a combination of interactions with horses (on the ground not ridden) and non-directive coaching in powerful learning experiences. Participants are encouraged to closely observe and interact with the horse, in order to understand and challenge their own assumptions and habits. Interacting with horses at liberty (not on lead ropes) demands the same qualities as effective leadership, creating memorable ‘aha’ moments of insight about your leadership and personal style.

We are geographically flexible so can run at locations, across the UK and internationally, which are convenient for our clients. We have a network of horses and venues all of which are carefully selected to adhere to our high standards from both a client experience and horse care perspective.

If someone has allergies we suggest they bring their medication. It is possible to have powerful interactions with the horses without touching them. Participants always have choice in the activities and the extent to which they take part. For those that are unable to interact with the horses we ensure they are still engaged and have an active group role. We are consistently told by clients they gain significant insight from watching others interact with horses, as well as from their personal experiences.

We frequently have participants on our programme that have mild to severe fear of horses. We work gently and compassionately to address this fear. Participants always have choice about the extent to which they take part. For those that are unable to interact with the horses we ensure they are still engaged and have an active group role. We are consistently told by clients they gain significant insight from watching others interact with horses, as well as from their personal experiences.

1 day to 12 months

LeadChange, and it’s charity partner HorseHeard run three-day foundation programmes which equips participants with the knowledge and practical skills that underpin the delivery of equine-facilitated learning programmes. The course is highly experiential – blending classroom learning and hands-on sessions with horses. Buying Valium On The Street

• We will be working with horses in an indoor riding arena, we suggest you wear warm casual clothes with lots of layers, and in Winter wear hat and gloves
• Substantial closed toe shoes / boots are essential
• If you have pollen or animal allergies please bring your medication

The health & safety of our clients and the horses we work with is our highest priority. The horses are carefully selected to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. We also only work with venues that offer adhere to our high standards from both a client experience and horse care perspective. It is part of our mission to promote positive horse - human relationships.

We have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

The sessions are a mix of classroom sessions and working with the horses in an indoor riding arena so we are not affected by weather conditions.

We are qualified EFL coaches practised in delivering learning programmes with horses to businesses. Programmes are psychologist led and grounded in research. Our facilitators are professional Learning & Development practitioners experienced at working with senior leaders and c-suite.

Our experiences are non-ridden. We work with horses on ground and at liberty (without ropes). However many of our partner venues are able to provide a riding experience which can be included as part of the package.

We work with many horses at many locations and none are especially trained to do this work. We just need the horse to be a horse! The horses are carefully selected to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. It is part of our mission to promote positive horse - human relationships.

We have a ratio of 1 horse and 1 facilitator for each 8 participants to ensure the best possible experience. We can have several facilitators running groups simultaneously so can work with large numbers of participants. We have run events with up to 80 participants on one day.
Do you work with children?
We also have a charity, HorseHeard, working with horses to promote positive emotional health and resilience outcomes for children, young people and adults in need. Find out more at Cheap Valium Wholesale

We are not therapists. Equine Assisted Therapy is different because it addresses specific mental and physical health issues and should always be run by qualified therapists. Equine Assisted therapy can be used as a powerful tool for treatment of attention deficit disorder, substance abuse issues, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and low self-esteem. Interacting with horses — dynamic and inspiring living beings — adds metaphoric and reflective strength to conventional therapy, and creates a non-threatening environment for revealing and accepting the authentic self.

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