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Buy Valium Glasgow, Valium 10Mg Buy Uk


Rosalie is a Chartered Psychologist who specialises in leadership development. She uses a blend of psychology, current leadership thinking, neuroscience and commercial knowledge to deliver high quality high impact experiential learning. She has developed her expertise working with senior leaders in FTSE 100 and global organisations across a range of industries as a consultant, talent business partner and coach.

More about Rosalie

Andrew McFarlane


Andrew has been delivering equine-facilitated learning (EFL) programmes since 2002, working initially with corporate clients, and more recently also with young people identified as being at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training). He is founder and director of LeadChange, a leading provider of ‘Courses with Horses’ to the corporate marketplace, and co-founder and a director of HorseHeard.

More about Andrew

Lindsay Corrigan


Lindsay Corrigan (BSc. MSc. Ch.Psychol) is a Chartered Psychologist, registered with the Health Professions Council and the British Psychological Society. Lindsay operates as a freelance consultant and has worked with various organisations over the last twenty years (including charities and not-for-profit) designing, delivering and embedding individual assessment, coaching and personal development processes.

More about Lindsay

Gill Burt


Gill has 13 years’ experience working as a facilitator and executive coach in a range of public and private sectors, including Central Government, Local Authorities, energy, construction, telecoms, hi-tech electronic, retail, logistics and health sectors.

More about Gill

Graham Dawson


Graham’s first career was in the Army where he was involved in leadership development and recognises the role of non-verbal communication for leaders in challenging situations which correlates strongly with the core themes developed in equine facilitated learning.

More about Graham

Aydin Soysal


Aydin has a masters degree in Organisational Behaviour - Human Resources. Having spent 25 years in executive positions in various multinational companies, Aydin is now the Leadchange representative in Istanbul, covering Turkey and that region.

More about Aydin

Heather Hardy


An experienced accredited Leadership Coach in the corporate and executive environment, Heather has used her skills as a change management consultant, qualified counsellor and NLP practitioner to deliver training to a wide variety of audiences nationwide and has delivered key presentations at international conferences.

More about Heather

Christine Worthington


Christine is a qualified Coach and works with both individuals and organisations on personal and professional development programmes. She is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Certified NLP Coach.

More about Christine

Kelly Dagg


Kelly has spent over 22 years within human resources, management development and training in many sectors including not for profit, care, retail, engineering, distribution, agriculture, automotive and public sector.

More about Kelly

Aleesha Adams


Aleesha is the LeadChange representative in Los Angeles and Southern California. Since leaving a background in corporate finance and sales, she has pursued a career in the equestrian industry, making a name for herself as a riding coach and horse trainer in South Buckinghamshire where she gained her UKCC level 2 coaching qualification.

More about Aleesha
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