Resilience and Wellbeing

Resilience and wellbeing

We can all be susceptible to a lack of or lower mental resilience. But mental strength can be learnt and have a positive impact on your ability to bounce back, maintain optimism and influence success and fulfilment. Our Nature and Neuroscience programme combines resilience profiles, coaching and horses to create a powerful and transformational journey through insight, experience and action.

How it works

We take the latest neuroscience on how the brain re-acts to perceived or real difficulties.  

Horses are emotionally sensitive, and this creates a safe environment where people can be vulnerable. Being present with horses allows participants to reconnect with themselves, the horses and others. Re-establishing connections and building relationships this way is particularly powerful for those off work due to stress. Horses sense and respond to subtle cues in our behaviour, particularly those that indicate we are becoming stressed or anxious. Horses provide instant, honest feedback in the moment by their responses. By interacting with horses, participants become more aware of their thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and the connections between them. We share tools, awareness and insights (mental strength assessments) to help you better manage your personal state in any moment, for more positive and successful outcomes.


As Chartered Psychologists, stress and wellbeing specialists, we take a multi-discipline approach that can be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation and individual. Our programmes reduce presenteeism, absence, accidents/errors; and increase performance and employee engagement.


  • Build self-awareness of the signs and symptoms of stress
  • Develop solution-focused coping skills
  • Learn to recognise and manage emotions
  • Challenge and minimise stressful thoughts
  • Build positive beliefs, self-confidence and esteem

Example programmes:



  • Horse and Neuroscience Workshop


  • Follow-up Insights into Action coaching session
  • Techniques and tools tailored to sustaining your changes

LeadChange Partner:

We are proud to partner with Reach New Heights who complement our skills by providing specialist Neurocoaching that specifically targets mental resilience and stress management.