Business Retreats

“The most impactful Vistage Speaker I ever experienced” Vistage Retreat

Ian Beardsmore, Managing Director, Advanex Europe

Our Retreats

We run retreats for business teams and leaders that are immersive and challenging. They facilitate deep learning with tangible outcomes for the individuals and business.

How it works

All our retreats are tailored to our clients’ needs following consultation. We run retreats for leadership teams, business advisory groups, global teams who work remotely, and family businesses. Whether it’s a team of 5 or 50, we partner with equestrian venues and some of the best hotels and country houses across the UK. A unique learning approach, beautiful settings and exquisite food all combine to make extraordinary and memorable retreats.


We like to deliver more than just an experience, and for that reason we will consult with clients to understand how learning is best supported pre and post retreat. This ensures the moments of insight reached in our retreats translate to sustained behaviour change and positive impact for the business.


  • Openness and honesty
  • Stronger relationships
  • Regeneration, and relaxation
  • Focus and energy
  • Strategic insight and perspective
  • Greater trust from shared experience

What to expect:

  • Bespoke and evidence-based design by business psychologists
  • Immersive approach that brings insight and acts as a catalyst for change
  • An opportunity to try new ways of leading in a safe environment
  • Individual and team diagnostic tools to enhance insight
  • Energising and playful approach
  • Informal time together to strengthen relationships
  • Tangible actions plans linked to business outcomes