IDEXX Case Study, Maine USA

Equine insights to develop senior talent


IDEXX sought a learning partner for their Altitude Leadership Talent Programme. They were looking for an innovative way to engage participants to develop greater self-awareness, build trust and create a strong leadership culture across the organisation.  As an organisation that aims to enhance the health and well-being of pets, people, and livestock there was a very clear alignment to LeadChange, and our mission to help people thrive in their environment and to promote positive horse – human relationships. LeadChange has now partnered with IDEXX for 5 + years to deliver a learning experience as part of their programme in the Portland, USA.


The solution combines learning with horses alongside a session where participants explore Insights Profiles. Completing activities with the horses, participants get instant, honest, non-judgmental feedback on how they ‘show up’ as individuals, and how effectively they collaborate with one another. We link their Insights Profiles to their behaviour ‘in the moment’, supporting them to safely try different strategies to maximise their impact.  Participants gain insight into how they are perceived which helps them work on their leadership brand. They also explore the importance of alignment and communication which relates directly to the efficiency of their business projects.

IDEXX contributes to the health and quality of life in the communities where they do business.  As part of this aim the programme connects leaders with young people in need in the local community. They also sponsored a HorseHeard programme for the group. HorseHeard, is a LeadChange charity that runs equine learning programmes for young people and adults in need to promote positive mental health and well-being.


The client sums up the LeadChange solution as “a practical way to bring self-awareness, that challenges leaders and creates a sense of humbleness”.

Participant’s learning includes:

  • Add emotion to communication “what do I want people to feel as a result of what I say”
  • Recognition and praise matters “more than 0 seconds”
  • Relax into the team “move from doing to being”

Overall outcomes include:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Improved presence and personal brand
  • Increased alignment across project teams
  • Improved communication across project teams.

Client Quotes

“An incredible experience with real value for my approach to leadership.”

“The Equine learning was surprisingly insightful. It provided a great learning framework and got us all outside our comfort zone. The facilitators were great at reinforcing the learnings and concepts.”


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