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From the client conversations we have been having there have been a mix of fears, energy levels and emotions however the common threads have been; a desire to do something now focused on how to protect their businesses and people to SURVIVE lockdown, how they will support them when we start to EMERGE and thinking beyond survival to how they THRIVE in the new, and as yet undefined, new world.  

Based on our experience and expertise as Chartered Psychologists we know we can make a difference by enabling business and leaders to understand and engage people in their Mental Health using our three stage approach to provide continuous, flexible and tailored support.  

  • SURVIVE the immediate psychological impact of the lockdown
  • EMERGE navigating the psychological challenges of transitioning out of lockdown
  • THRIVE developing the psychological flexibility to adapt to the unknown new world post lockdown

We are offering free consultancy to explore your own wellbeing and support you to create a clear, focused and effective Mental Health Plan for your team or business.

Before the session:

You will be sent the Mental Health Continuum Questionnaire to complete.


During the session:

1:1 Personal Mental Health Review: You will get personalised activities based on the questionnaire responses to enable you to enhance your mental health. However, we all know that knowing what to do is only half the battle, actually putting the learning into action is where it can become tricky, so we will also explore the barriers to acting and use a simple evidence based technique to help you overcome them.

Business Mental Health Review: This is for managers, leaders, owners and HR professionals.  We will complete an short analysis to assess current level of risk and opportunity around Mental Health and create a strategic response based on Survive (short-term), Emerge (medium-term) and Thrive (long-term). providing clarity for managers on how they can support their teams, for employees on the support available and to senior management on the key messages around Mental Health.

After the session:

Free access for up to 100 people to the Mental Health Continuum Questionnaire.

Free access to our Managers Guide to Mental Health & Wellbeing: Including indicators to identify levels of mental health, coaching questions, activities and recommendations to engage employees dependent on their level of mental health in the Survive Stage.

Follow up support: We can work with you to analyse the outputs of the MHCQ at a group level providing evidence to inform mental health strategy, provide 1:1 mental health coaching and recommend free and paid inventions matched to your needs.

Positive social impact: As well as ensuring our own business continuity we are supporting a number of communities, by working with us you can feel proud you are helping them.