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Buy Valium Walgreens, Valium Online Australia

Buy Valium Walgreens, Valium Online Australia


THE EXPERIENCE             

Valium Online Prescription, and it’s charity partner Buy Diazepam Online Review bring this three-day Equine Facilitated Learning Foundation programme which equips participants with the knowledge and practical skills that underpin the delivery of equine-facilitated learning programmes.

The course is highly experiential – blending classroom learning and hands-on sessions with horses. It is suitable for those that want to explore the foundations of equine facilitated learning or further their practise as a coach. It provides a grounding both for those working in the charitable and business sectors, with both children and adults.

£1250 plus VAT per person including course materials

9.30am – 4.30pm each day


  • Equine Facilitated Learning – the LeadChange philosophy and approach
  • Experiential learning – theories and research
  • Horse sense
  • The HORSE© coaching model
  • Creating and holding safe space for EFL
  • Developing credibility and presence
  • Managing the horse-human interaction – practical issues
  • Creating and selecting appropriate learning exercises
  • 1:1 equine-facilitated coaching interactions
  • Working with groups and teams


Andrew McFarlane has specialised in the creation and delivery of experiential learning programmes with horses since 2002. He is Chairman of HorseHeard – an innovative charity delivering equine-facilitated programmes in the not-for profit sector. Over the years Andrew has facilitated thousands of participants in hundreds of LeadChange workshops, both in the UK and overseas – including in France, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Singapore, Ghana, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the USA. LeadChange is a recognised leader in equine facilitated learning. Andrew has an MBA and is an NLP Master Practitioner.


November 11
November 13


South East England Venue TBC


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