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Is your organisations approach to Mental Health the same for everyone?

Our questionnaire will gauge a persons’ mental health on a continuum from ‘High Risk’  to ‘Flourishing’ and provide feedback and key actions based on their level of mental health and specific to the current COVID-19 context. Take the free questionnaire now.

It is important for organisations not just to provide support but to ensure it is appropriate for the differing levels of mental health that people are experiencing.

Our limited free consultancy looks at two critical dimensions that enable organisations to provide a flexible, targeted and effective mental health response.

The individuals level of mental health

The stage of the external lockdown context

How can we support you

  1. Use our simple free questionnaire  to understand the current levels of mental health in the organisation AND give individuals instant tailored feedback depending on their level 
  2. Consultancy applying the 2 dimensions of level and stage in order to:
    • Target interventions making the most of free resources
    • Support managers to have effective coaching conversations, identify key goals and provide developmental activities*
    • Communicate key messages across the organisation
  3. Provide professional 1:1 Mental Health coaching for those that need it

*Example of the 2 dimension approach to managing Mental Health

We are offering free consultancy to explore your own wellbeing and support you to create a clear, focused and effective Mental Health Plan for your team or business.

What we are offering free to clients:

  • Mental Health Continuum Questionnaire (MHCQ): A validated online questionnaire so anyone can understand their current level of mental health and get immediate feedback and some key actions to improve it.
  • Consultancy: 30 mins consultancy to include a 1:1 Personal Mental Health Review alongside a Business Mental Health Review to explore ways to more effectively and efficiently target mental health interventions.

Following the consultancy clients will get:

  • Free access for up to 100 people to the Mental Health Continuum Questionnaire.
  • Free access to our Managers Guide to Mental Health & Wellbeing: Including indicators to identify levels of mental health, coaching questions, activities and recommendations to engage employees dependent on their level of mental health in the Survive Stage.
  • Follow up support: Consultancy to analyse the outputs of the MHCQ at a group level providing evidence to inform mental health strategy, provide 1:1 Mental Health Coaching and recommend free and paid inventions matched to your needs.
  • Positive social impact: As well as ensuring our own business continuity we are supporting a number of communities, by working with us you can feel proud you are helping them

Contact us now to book your free no obligation consultancy session via zoom