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Resilience and Wellbeing

“I thought I was OK but the horse sensed and responded to my underlying anxiety, once I was able to connect with how I really felt everything changed!”

Resilience and Wellbeing

“I thought I was OK but the horse sensed and responded to my underlying anxiety, once I was able to connect with how I really felt everything changed!”

Resilience and wellbeing

We have a suite of programmes to increase resilience and well-being, and manage stress. Our unique approach combines working with horses and scientifically valid tools to create powerful and transformational experiences.

Our Mental Health questionnaire provides individuals with instant tailored feedback on their level of mental health from ‘high risk’ to ‘flourishing’ and provides a snapshot of wellbeing for the team or organisation. The RQi psychometric provides a deeper understanding of resilience where strengths and risks are explored with an accredited wellbeing coach and organisational trends can be analysed.
Equine facilitated learning allows participants to explore their emotions, and different self-management strategies in a safe environment.

Horses sense and respond to subtle cues in our behaviour, particularly those that indicate we are becoming stressed or anxious. Horses give instant, honest, feedback in the moment, through interacting with horses participants become more aware of their thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and the connections between them. Three core reasons working with horses to build resilience is so powerful are:

Trust and connection. Horses are emotionally sensitive, and this creates a safe environment where people can be vulnerable.  Being present with horses allows participants to reconnect with themselves, the horses and others. Re-establishing connections and building relationships this way is particularly powerful for those experiencing stress.

Real-play, not role-play. When we role-play it can be hard to behave authentically in what is clearly not a real-life’ situation. Horses are authentic beings and interacting with them for real. This makes a safe space to explore and change thinking and behaviour patterns with immediate impact.

Instant, honest, non-judgmental feedback. Horses are imposing creatures – weighing around half a ton. Their size and physical presence seems to magnify the feedback they give. Honest feedback without judgement is a rare commodity, and important particularly for those experiencing stress. Feedback delivered in this way brings deep insight to participants.

How it works

Our four stage approach means our programmes go beyond a one off intervention to support organisations to take a strategic approach to resilience and wellbeing.

INSIGHT: We work with resilience profiles to create deep understanding and awareness. This provides a base line of current levels of resilience, as well as identifying strengths and risks at individual, team and organisational level.

EXPERIENCE: Our experiential learning approach closes the gap between theory and practice; between what we know and what we do which allows participants to translate theory into action. Interactions with the horses create a neurochemical response that enables participants to have honest conversations about emotions and stressors.

ACTION: Action plans are supported through coaching to ensure learning translates to positive change, and any barriers back in the workplace are addressed. Interventions at individual, team and organisational level mean change is supported and sustained.

IMPACT: We assess the impact of our interventions and through analysis provide further insights and recommendations to sustain a resilient workplace.


  • Awareness of the signs and symptoms of stress
  • Recognise and manage emotions in self and others
  • Challenge and minimise stressful thoughts
  • Awareness of healthy and unhealthy thinking and feeling patterns
  • Awareness of unconscious attitudes and beliefs
  • Positive beliefs, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Solution-focused coping skills
  • Individual, team and organisational level resilience interventions that drive engagement

Example programmes:

LeadChange Partner:

We are proud to partner with Reach New Heights who complement our skills by providing specialist Neurocoaching that specifically targets mental resilience and stress management.