Sales Leadership

“In 27 years of working in sales this is the first programme that has truly taught me something new about myself and made real impact on my sales leadership capability”.

National Account Sales Manager, KorbondGroup

Sales Leadership

You may have expert knowledge, buckets of sales experience but how can you develop that elusive quality that really differentiates the successful sales person?

There’s a big problem with the concept of empathy in sales: you can’t empathize with something you don’t understand. If you’re ignoring your own fears, avoiding your emotions, putting up a front, running from true connection, you can’t possibly understand or empathize with your prospect’s pains, fears, or challenges. You won’t be able to truly see the world from their point of view.

How it works

LeadChange delivers sales development with a difference through our equine-facilitated sales programmes. These are high impact, experiential interventions which provide participants with insight into the impact of their personal style, feedback on ‘how they show up’, and the opportunity to experiment with different approaches in a safe environment where they won’t lose sales.


Grounded in psychology, leadership and sales research, our programmes blend objective, evidence-based approaches with the opportunity to learn experientially and bridge the gap between what they know and what they do. We apply our PACE model to achieve key sales outcomes.



  • Communicating a compelling vision
  • Operating with purpose, direction and conviction


  • Working with powerful intention to convince clients
  • Identifying unconscious thinking patterns that are barriers to achieving desired outcomes


  • Becoming a trusted partner through the sales journey
  • Setting and maintaining clear boundaries


  • Presence, impact and gravitas
  • Influencing and leading others

Example programmes:

  • Sales leadership
  • Service excellence
  • Effective Sales Teams

Leadchange Partner:

We are proud to partner with SBR Consulting a specialist sales performance consultancy. They focus exclusively on the end-to-end sales journey and what it takes to make each stage a habit. They deliver practical real-world solutions and are uniquely qualified to help businesses grow due to the fact that every member of the delivery team is an Authentic Sales Practitioner. They aim to elevate the practice and perception of sales within individuals and organisations and as a result create increased revenue, enhanced professionalism & intelligent activity.