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Epic and transformational experience to build trust, shared values and sense of fun with the leaders of the business”

Russam GMS Managing Director Jason Atkinson

Can You Order Valium Online, Buy Valium India Online

We offer the opportunity to learn, practise, refine and develop as a team – in the moment. We take an evidence based approach underpinned by research and proven theories about what makes successful teams.

How it works

We create a safe environment where teams can move out of their comfort zone and move from knowing to doing through a cycle of insight, reflection and action. This enables learning to be quickly translated to skills and behaviour. Team’s work with horses to complete challenges (on the ground non ridden) creating a memorable and bonding shared experience. Through their interactions with the horses the team will have a mirror held up to how they function as a team. The instant, honest and accurate feedback in the moment addresses the core of issues quickly, powerfully and effectively. They will be coached to explore what is happening and the impact it has on how they function as a team.


The team will have the opportunity to practise the new behaviours in a safe environment. They will be coached to move from ‘knowing’ to ‘doing’. Using our bespoke ‘team wheel’ approach the team will identify tangible actions that will enable them to collaborate more effectively and drive performance.


  • Alignment
  • Relationships
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Honest conversations
  • Accountability
  • Team agility

Example programmes:

  • Building trust in new teams
  • Leading teams through transition
  • Creating effective executive boards
  • Enabling team collaboration in matrixed environments

Watch one of our clients epic and transformational team experience here:

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