Epic and transformational experience to build trust, shared values and sense of fun with the leaders of the business.

Jason Atkinson
Russam GMS Managing Director

The most powerful learning experience I have had in many, many years . . . a truly enlightening moment.


A life changing experience. The impact on the team has been profound.

Sales Director
Servier Laboratories

The best day of leadership development I have ever experienced.

Nurun Ahmed
Commercial Manager, Avidity IP

Leading a horse is just like leading people: you need to set a vision, be clear on objectives and engage effectively in order to get a great result.

Vice President

In 27 years of working in sales this is the first programme that has truly taught me something new about myself and made real impact on my sales leadership capability.

National Account Sales Manager
Korbond Group

"the most impacting Vistage Speaker session that I ever experienced"

Ian Beardsmore
Managing Director, Advanex Europe

This course reaches the parts others don’t reach.

Managing Director
Kinetic Communications Ltd & Vistage UK member

An excellent day. I learnt some interesting things about myself. The immediacy of the feedback from the horses on our actions (and thoughts) was quite overwhelming. You made a point of making sure that we were able to transfer the learning back to the workplace.

Training Delivery & Support Manager

A very good two days. The changes overnight are already evident. The team has opened up to each other as well as to ourselves. I can see that this is the start of a far more successful relationship and also management of the business. Thank you.

HR Director
Organon Laboratories

We would never build this sort of relationship in the working environment. Now back at work, it is great to see the effects.

Ian Corner
Vosper Thornycroft

Tangible Results

Because we like to measure what we do we include an impact assessment. Here’s some of the feedback we have received on how our programmes have made a difference at work:


  • Has improved my communication skills and how I should portray my emotions, intentions and perceptions when attempting to satisfy a task.
  • The change following this experience is noticeable for me, as well as to others. In terms of presentation, confidence, belief, impact and communication of intent all of which has been validated through feedback from others.
  • This means I can have greater impact
  • Improved persona in delivering messages and presentations. I presented to E band audience recently and I felt my messages come from my stomach. I also used calm to land a killer stat to give it meaning and focus
  • I have had a number of positive comments of how I am more controlled yet full on energy without having to bounce around
  • Better relationships within the team internally and stronger client engagement externally
  • Greater energy, better presence, positive feedback from team immediately after I got back to the office
  • Engagement with peers and directs. I am attempting to align my levels of energy to how I feel or the other way around and to be more expressive with my externally perceivable feelings
  • More self-confidence to be who I am in business settings.
  • Just last week I was able to influence a senior stakeholder to be aligned with my proposal and timelines, something which just a week before he was not.
  • Being more aware of the fact that if I feel more confident and behave in line with this then it is more likely that others will believe in and follow the vision/direction I present.
  • More positive interactions and influence on my team
  • We are all different in terms of expectations, abilities and confidence levels. Rather than imposing mine on others, I will take a step back, be more open-minded and adaptable.
  • Removing distractions is an important part of leading
  • More trust in the group
  • A more relaxed client meeting
  • I get more productive outcomes from meetings
  • I can identify how people are feeling more frequently
  • Am thinking about my physical stance before going into meetings and tough situations.

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