IMG_0896Since leaving the corporate world Lotta spent 3 years as a mature student studying the science of behaviour and learning. In particular this has made clear how stress or frustration of goals affects one’s ability to learn or achieve personal or professional ambitions.

Lotta believes that the ability to communicate effectively on all levels is a key ingredient to success in any chosen career. On a personal level good communication starts with being in touch with our senses and personal energy whilst understanding the impact we have on others. On a company level a clear strategy needs to be agreed, communicated and embraced.

“Let’s not forget that we have two ears and one mouth and effective   communication must bear that ratio in mind”

 Lotta’s belief in the power of communication and the importance of managing core or cultural beliefs, stress, enthusiasm or other mental maps has been substantially reinforced and confirmed through being introduced to Equine Facilitated Learning and the work of LeadChange.

As an ambitious and tenacious young professional Lotta started her career in ‘the school of hard knocks’ selling kitchens as a door to door sales rep. This start proved to be challenging and character building and provided a sound business and work ethic. Her determination paid off and culminated with thirteen years spent as UK Sales Director for one of Europe’s leading office furniture brands.

Lotta is an experienced and grounded professional who understands the pressures people place on themselves in the pursuit of their goals (whether it be in the corporate or social world). Her understanding of strategy and behavioural science (and life long passion for horses) enables her to assist in the interpretation of the non-verbal messages so clearly demonstrated by what horses pick up in their interaction with people and then reflect.

“Horses see through the words and instead read our values and truth and so act as a mirror of our true intent. It is powerful and valuable learning”.

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