Why work with us?

Why work with us?

LeadChange are innovative providers of leadership, team and individual development. We create powerful learning programmes where experiential learning with horses is the catalyst for change. We take people out of their comfort zone and challenge them to think differently, to bring new perspectives and life-changing moments of insight.

Our Story

Since 2002, LeadChange has embodied the beliefs, vision and mission of a team that is passionate about learning, people and horses. I am proud to lead that team.

My name is Rosalie and I’m a chartered psychologist. I have spent my career working as a leadership development specialist and executive coach in consultancies, and in-house for large corporates. I have always seen my role as creating the space and environment for people to experience things in a different way, so they can gain new insights that enable them to thrive in their environment. I have always loved doing that and was very happy until I worked with LeadChange as part of a high potential leadership programme I was running at Cable & Wireless. I was blown away by the impact the horses had on leaders and how the moments of insight they gained continued to be an anchor for change way after the experience.

“Insight cannot be taken back.

You cannot return to the moment you

were in before.”  Hilary Mantel


In short, the horses are a powerful catalyst and can make visible in 5 minutes what it can take 5 sessions of 1:1 coaching to do. On a more personal level the experience reconnected me with horses. I left my corporate role, set up my own business psychology consultancy and at the same time trained with LeadChange to become an Equine Facilitated Learning Coach. In 2017 I bought LeadChange – so the moral there is beware of coming on a LeadChange programme, it may just change your life!


“There is something

about the outside of a horse that is good

for the inside of a man.” Winston S. Churchill


I have had the pleasure of working under the expert guidance of Andrew McFarlane who owned and ran the business since 2002. We are a growing team of professional leadership and team development specialists who are experts at facilitating learning experience with horses. 

Our Purpose

So we have a mission; to help people thrive in their environment, because leaders and teams that thrive are catalysts for change in themselves, others and the world; and to promote positive horse – human relationships along the way.

Our values

Our values guide our purpose, decisions and your experience with us:

  • Catalysts: We create opportunities for insight and awareness that ignite thinking, change lives and transform businesses.
  • Extraordinary not ordinary: This applies to everything we do. This means our clients ‘experience the difference’ when they work with us.
  • Curious: We always ask why! We won’t shy away from the difficult questions and we really listen to the answer. As a result, we create programmes with impact.
  • Invested: We are committed to results. We measure impact, and provide insight to help our clients thrive and evolve.
  • Collaborative: We are pragmatic, commercial and focused in our relationships. Our clients tell us this means we are easy to do business with.

How we have worked with clients

Here are some examples of how we have made an impact with our clients:
  • We have helped leaders build presence, credibility and authenticity as part of a senior leadership talent programme for a large technology organisation.
  • We have helped build trust, shared values and greater engagement for the leadership team at the UK’s longest established Interim Management provider and a leading Executive Search business.
  • We have developed the leadership capability in a global business working across 8 different countries to deliver our programmes.
  • We have delivered programmes comprising leader profiling, coaching, learning days and experiential learning with horses into an integrated year long programme including full impact assessment.
  • We have delivered 1:1 coaching programmes to leaders at all stages, combining both executive coaching and coaching with horses to create positive change.
  • We have collaborated with many exceptional learning partners to bring a highly memorable experiential elements to their work with clie

Watch our video to learn more about the experience we offer

Charity partner HorseHeard

We also have a charity, HorseHeard, working with horses to promote positive emotional health and resilience outcomes for children, young people and adults in need. Find out more at www.horseheard.com